Marketing and Advertising consulting

Westpro helps in identifying new markets, maximizing share of existing markets and reaching the people who buy your products and services in order to grow your brand.

Corporate Brand Image consulting

Consistency is the key word when it comes to branding. Is the mission of your organization and its policies being reflected in everything you do and everything that people see? Westpro Media can help.

Ad buying

Are you getting the biggest bang for your advertising buck? Not sure? How can you be if you don’t know how ad buying really works? Westpro Media does and we can produce more creative, effective and valuable advertising campaigns across all traditional and digital platforms. Better-targeted use of your advertising dollars means better results and more sales.  There is much more to ad buying than simply considering the rate.  Several important factors go into making the best decision.  Let Westpro Media take the guessing out of the equation for you.

Content Creation and Production

Does the quality of your creative and production match your brand? Let us tell your story and offer your online visitors dynamic audio and video content. Branded content is king these days whether online in print on radio or television. Making sure that you offer information that people can really use is the key. Westpro Media is a proven resource in creating branded content for your website and information based radio shows and videos. Let your voice be heard over multiple markets on multiple platforms across Canada or worldwide.

Web Design and Development, Custom Business App creation

Does your website reflect the personality of your brand? Is it easy to navigate? Does it save you operational costs? Does it deliver information that visitors can use right away? Talk to us about the most efficient way to build a better website and manage its content so that you're always up to date and making your online presence a resource for your clients and future clients. We'll even show you how to harvest crucial data from your website so you're never out of touch with why people are visiting you online.

Social Media

Our experts provide the insight and the online strategy more making your messages penetrate twitter, facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Our experts make your content viral and sticky. Sounds gross but it's a really good thing!!!

Event Marketing

We've worked with some of the biggest promoters staging some of the biggest events in Hamilton and Toronto over the past 15 years including "An Evening With Oprah Winfrey" at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum in April of 2013. Our efforts resulted in over 1.4 million dollars in promotional exposure for our client across multiple radio, television and online platforms in Toronto, Hamilton and Southwestern Ontario.

Media and Public Relations

Targeted and tailored to the specific needs and issues of your organization or event. We carefully examine your past approaches and history of media contacts and then help you to develop practical policies for dealing with the media in a pro-active way. We also make sure that you’re prepared for any type of media encounter at any time regarding any issue. Westpro teaches its clients to get over their fear of media and control the message.

Media and Corporate Communications Training

Includes on camera training, training on how to say things and when to say things and most importantly what not to say and when not to say it.

Organizational Communications Consulting

Analysis of your organization’s internal communications skills and policies. More companies suffer from lost morale simply because they haven’t mastered the art of communication. We can help.

Customer Service communications consulting and training

Nothing is more important to your organization than customer service. Whether you’re a retailer, association or not for profit, a proper and practical customer service strategy and policy is a must. This type of policy is a tremendous morale booster and motivator and creates pride and a solid true team approach to the overall goals and mission of your organization. We’ll show you how easy it is to achieve.

Voice over and On Camera Talent

Westpro Media offers professional and dynamic voice and on camera talent for your commercials, corporate and training videos as well as on-line training modules and telephone on-hold marketing requirements.